Targeted Individuals


I am often under surveillance by the US government because of my spiritual knowledge as well as the fact I was a whistleblower/journalist who helped expose corruption at both Maine Yankee Nuclear Plant in Wiscasset Maine and at Bath Iron Works in Bath, Maine. 

 This is normal behavior for governments.  Throughout history shamans have barely survived many forms of persecution and subjugation from religious/political groups who did not want to see the average person empowered with shamanic knowledge.   The European Inquisition,  the decimination of the Australian Aboriginal people,  and the Trail of Tears  (here in the USA)  are just three examples of  government surveillance and intervention into the cultures of shamans and other earth-based wise women and men.   You can read more about the history of government and religious prejudice against shamans on this website under the tab "Shamanism Thesis". 

To try and discredit me, my website and other social media sites are often hacked (The above video explains in detail how and why I am targeted) . One 8/14/19, I noticed the words "chips" and "implants" had been put into my description of ailments which can be healed by flower essence.  This is a purposeful sabotage of my website by the CIA/intelligence.   I'm also on remote neural monitoring and receive radiation attacks almost daily.  Please, if you see anything written in my website that looks out of character to me, let me know via email Thank you.

(Please also see the website to learn more about government targeting of US citizens) 

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