Bachelor of Arts in Journalism, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA

Master of Arts (with a focus on Shamanism) Lesley University, Cambridge, MA

I may be the only shamanic practitioner who has published work on healing trauma with shamanism for a major accredited American University. I may also be the only shaman with a Master's Degree in Shamanism.   Having said that, my academic experience is an important but relatively minor aspect of the entire training to become a shaman. 

You are usually born a shaman, and many, many life experiences occur to build your strength and your connection to God and all of the loving and compassionate spirit guides.   For the past twenty years, my primary human teachers who are shamans and healers are: Sandra Ingerman, MA,  Allie Knowlton, MSW< LCSW,  Susan Bakaley Marshall, LCSW, Ann Drake, Psyd, Hannah Quinn, DOM,  Lynn Andrews, John Amaroso, and Brook Medicine Eagle.  Again, for shamans, it is your spirit guides and your life experiences which are the primary teachers.

Certified Herbalist  (Blessed Maine Herbs, Athens, ME)

Reiki Master

(My masters thesis "The Potential Healing Effects of Shamanism for Women Who Have Experienced Trauma" can be read in full on this website)

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