Schedule a Healing

Long Distance Healing  $120/$75

A healing may include a soul retrieval, a power animal retrieval, a clearing, an angel intervention, a past life healing, a tarot reading, but most likely a combination of one or more of the above.

Shamanic work occurs on the energetic level of reality so it is for us not to be in the same room (or even in the same country). Spiritual information transcends the physical plane.  When you pray for someone across the country or the world, it is felt by that person-- long distance healings are very powerful.

You may also choose a half session healing for $75

Many of us pick up negative energies from family, friends, co-workers, job, shopping, or even from just walking along the street (you may pass an area where there has been a trauma, like a car accident, and residual energies or even lost souls at the site can attach themselves).  An Energy Clearing is a good option if you feel an immediate need to clean up your energy field.

Blessings and Love, Jane


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