Sunday, April 9, 2017

Psychic Reading on the Syria Bombing, The Middle East, Trump, Putin and the New America.

The first thing I see is a giant  grey spider with about eight long hairy legs with gray tennis ball feet that is walking over the Middle East mindlessly pulling "energy" up from that area through an opening in it's underbelly.   The "energy" looked like garbage--except worse, grey, dull, dirty.  The spider only consumes grey energy and keeps moving, feeding itself, never thoughtful, just surviving, although, for some reason, it seems weak and it is causing it to eating faster and more than usual.

Beneath the spider,  in the land that is known as the  Middle East, ithere is a portal to and from what we might call "hell".  Evil energies moved in and out of this area  rapidly.  It is an opening for other "off-earth" energies to arrive and to leave.  Like the spider, these energies are about consumption and feeding, but also rage, anger, deceit, cruelty, and survival. Always survival.  The toxicity, the karmic dramas, the survival dynamics, the complex strategizing, the lack of humanity, wind in and out and through one another, like a kalidescorpe made of pieces of hell.   Fear dominates.  It seems like they cannot not find enough gray matter to eat to thrive as they once did.

In America, I see a cluster of malevolent energy--people I guess, maybe the Deep State (I don't see faces)-- that is equal in depravity to that in the Middle East.  But this is only a very small aspect of America even though they dominate the news.  But the two low vibrations forces are interacting rapidly now--between America and The Middle East -- back and forth, choking eachother, hissing, bombing.  It seems like they are afraid because they are loosing a precious energy source.
I see much of the Middle East imploding, like a reverse volcanoe, falling in on itself, being swallowed up in it's own depravity until there is nothing left but dust and emptiness.

America, though, is vibrating very high right-- at a love vibration.  It is beautiful to perceive.  The American people are truly amazing. A  band on love covers America and many people are tapping into it.

I am being told that THE ONLY CHOICE right now is love or hate.  It's not republican or democrat or green or progressive. It is love or hate.  If you hate, you are contributing to the evil forces in both countries and you are in vibrational alignment with whatever politician is also aligned with hate and evil.  if you  love (which means loving yourself, yourneighbor, the earth, the sky, the animals, children, trees--in whatever form that takes)   are  dying out. many people, who are quiet, in the background are choosing love and they are raising the vibration of America so high that there is less dark matter for evil to feed upon...It is like a mountain rising. There is no fear, only this band or frequency in America. The evil is terrified of this new consciousness.

I see Trump isolated in a bubble.  He seems to be neither part of the Love or part of the hate.  He stands aside of both.  I can't say he is a being of light, but he is empty of the evil.  It seems he has stepped aside and is either observing or disinterested.  Not sure  if this was a strategy or a result of circumstances beyond his control.  I'm not sure if he is waiting or he has completely removed himself fromt this war of evil.  Putin has almost the exact same frequency and position as Trump--they are outside of the evil, but not radiating with light.   They are not weak. From my perspective fun the spirit world, you might say Trump and Putin were snowmen, and that the Deep State and Middle East were Darth Vader energy.

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