Tuesday, July 3, 2018

The spirit world is like embryonic fluid of the physical world.

We humans have enormous spiritual power.  Throughout the centuries our powers have been blundered into oblivion by organized religion. Our fear of prosecution (Inquisition) keeps our power in submission.

YOU CAN  RE-CLAIM YOUR SPIRITUAL POWER.  Remember who you are.  Healing Shamans (like myself) work with unseen loving forces to create positive changes on earth.  My research for a shamanism thesis revealed that shamans existed on almost every location on earth at one time or another in our history. This means,  WE, AS HUMANS, ALL HAVE SHAMANIC ROOTS no matter what color or race or religion.

The spirit world is like the embryonic fluid of the seeds of creation on the earth. What you create on the spirit side of life manifests on the physical.  Conversely,  physical realities soon dissipate if they are not infused with soul (love, God)    

We can work together as an enormous collective energetic shamanic force of love to defuse the evil and hate behind child sex trafficking, animal cruelty, racism, warmongering (and on and on) by infusing these systems with love.

 When we call upon our power animals, our Loving Ancestors, our compassionate and powerful spirit guides ( who are just waiting for us to claim our rightful power) and God and Christ (or whoever you perceive as Love) and Middle World Spirits ( the spirits of trees, animals, air,  water, earth, fire, mountains , oceans, plant, fairies, and more)  and we journey together through the spirit world and arrive at our destinations as an army of spiritual power, just imagine the transformation.

Imagine a hundred of us, each with a hundred spiritual helpers, moving out into the web of life with the intention of healing the world: replacing hate with Love.   We can do this.  All of the social activism on the planet cannot permanently undue evil if the thoughts that created evil are not healed. What I am saying, is we will be dissolving evil at its root--the spiritual.

Having said all this, do I expect people to become shamans within a few hours?  No, but quite frankly, most of you reading this probably already had a lifetime, or many lifetimes, as a spiritually powerful person and already have the intuitive knowledge.     

If you are interested in learning shamanic journeying, which will also includes information about: power animals, angels, ascended masters, middle world, upper world, dream world, shamanic state of consciousness, and much more, please look at my page entitled "shamanic workshops".  I have  upcoming workshops in Santa Fe in July and August. 

 I'm also designing an online workshop which may be an easier option. From the people who take my workshops, I'm hoping to create a pool of Master Transformational Shamans who would be willing to work once a month together (in the spirit world) to heal various disturbances worldwide.  We would discuss each issue we would like to address and then, one by one, work on them as a group. 

Blessings to all.  I feel great things are happening on our planet right now!

Bethesda Star.

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