Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Ten Tips To Clear Your Energy Field (by Jane Celia Hatch)

Learn to keep your energy field clear.  Here's ten tips to implement to keep yourself energetically safe and happy.

--Don't drink alcohol or smoke pot in excess.  Like all herbs and plants, marijuana has a spirit and a soul. She does not like to be misused so please be respectful.  The misuse of alcohol or marijuana creates holes in your energy field. They are strong spirits--each with medicinal values for healing and purification--but when their energy/medicine is misused it has a damaging effect on the human energy system (and, of course, body).

--Drugs damage your energy field.  These days many prescription drugs are as dangerous as street drugs.  The pharmaceutical companies no longer require testing on new drugs, and this has caused an epidemic of deaths (particularly with the opioids)of US citizens.   These strong drugs tear apart your natural spiritual protection, creating wide holes in your energy field, allowing in negative energy, even dispossessed spirits. 

--Keep good company.  Abusive partners, friends, and bosses, put holes in your energy field.  YOU ALSO CAN TAKE ON THEIR KARMA. People with positive energy create protective bubbles, of which you benefit through association.

--Keep your thoughts pure and your words, beautiful.  Abracadabra means "As I think I create" You are creating the energy around you with your thoughts.

--Heal your emotions.  The unexplored emotions rule our lives. If you are rageful, you will attract rage into your energy field.  Even low self esteem or self-hatred creates an opening in your energy.  Inward directed negative emotions are as harmful as negative energy your project outwards.   

--Always call in protection--God, Jesus, power animals, Loving Ancestors, angels, Mother Mary; whoever you feel is your highest power and/or your loving and compassionate spirit guides.

-Smudge your body and your house with almost any dried herb including St.John's Wort, mugwort, motherwort, sage, basil, or any herb that feels high vibration. Keep it simple. Dried pine needles also work. Direct the negative energy off your body or out of your house (leave a window or doorway open to "sweep" the bad vibes away from your home or office)

--Drink lots of  pure water to flush out toxins (do not drink water with fluoride--this blocks your intuition)

-Eat as pure as possible and don't eat animals if possible (unless you can hunt your own, animals now in factory farms are full of toxins and terror and you ingest these poisons and emotions. I'm a vegetarian and strongly advocate for not eating animals) Trust your body and what it needs to clear itself and remain healthy.

-Develop a strong relationship with your spiritual guides.  Every morning give thanks that you are fully protected and living in Divine Grace and Beauty.

Blessed Be, Bethesda Star (Jane Celia Hatch)

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